Showing Your Colors Campaign

The theme of this campaign is Adventuring College. Each character will be a student of some local skill and renown who has enrolled to study at one of the five most prestigious adventuring colleges. Besides being connected to five major cities via the university teleportation network, the players will have the opportunity to join up and enter the annual competition, the Show of Five Colors for fame and fortune. 

I have the broad strokes of what the big players and factions want and can do but the results are up to clever play and the generosity of dice. I keep things open ended, leaning towards exploration driven by player’s choices. You can get a feel for the play styles I encourage by looking at my current house rules: House Rules Document

Obsidian Portal Basics

You can find the various tabs on the sidebar. Some of these will only be visible once you login to Obsidian Portal. Once you do, you should be able to edit pages and add new entries.

This is the Front Page and landing page for the campaign.

The Forum and Calendar do not do anything unless I upgrade to paid membership with Obsidian Portal.

The Adventure Log will hold record of play, which I encourage players to add to, recording what they find to be important to remember.

The Media Library will host various pictures and key media I want to host here rather just link from elsewhere. I probably won't use this much due to the storage limits on the free version of Obsidian Portal.

The Wiki button will take you to the Main Page which has an outline of the major wiki entries with campaign and game information. Anything posted there is public information that the characters should know.

The Characters tab is a place to put information on player characters as is useful. Go to Getting Started for character creation.

The Maps page will hold the maps that I want readily available.

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Showing Your Colors

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