Ariel Lancaster

Aasimar Warlock


Daughter of the noble Lancaster family of Alara, Ariel is the eldest child and was the heir to the Lancaster fortune. However, as she began to reach her young adult years her angelic side began to manifest, only then did she discover that her Father was not in fact her father.

William Lancaster, sworn to secrecy of his daughters celestial nature raised her as him own. Ariel now armed with the the news of her Angelic side sought to prove her self as worthy of being a Lancaster as well as obtain information regarding her biological father.

In her pursuit of knowledge she was led down a path by fellow students towards a rumored celestial being, desperate to find information she perused it, only to find Asmodeus where she had expected an Angel. Charmed by his devilish grace, she began her instruction as a warlock.

In order to further her studies and make her family proud she began her time as a student of Courvana, William Lancaster’s alma mater.

Ariel Lancaster

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