Leon Jeralt

Human Cleric


Leon Jeralt never knew who his parents were, but that didn’t bother him. Instead of being raised by two loving parents, Leon got an entire village. Long ago, Father Jeralt found Leon abandoned and crying outside of the temple. With no parents, Father Jeralt became Leon’s caretaker and raised him as his own child. However, Father Jeralt was often busy with many duties, and so Leon’s hometown would often step in and made true on the saying “it takes a village to raise a child”.

As soon as he was old enough and able, Leon wanted a way to give back to the town that has done so much for him. Showing some skill for spells and combat, Leon had two possible paths laid out for him: either become paladin or a cleric. Given that Leon’s fierce rival was training to be a paladin, Leon decided to pursue becoming a cleric.

Excelling at his studies, it became clear that Leon would need move on from the village and attend an adventuring academy. Being from the Kingdom of Alara, it only made sense that Leon should go to Courvana. Though it’s not like Leon had a choice in the matter since his hometown would not settle for anything less than the best from Leon.

Leon constantly strives to be better and is always thinking of his hometown. This is why Leon wants to take part in the games. Winning surely would bring some honor to his hometown, and all the experiences along the way will help in his growth as a cleric.

Leon Jeralt

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