Rila Calris

Halfling Druid


Rila Calris hails from Frystoraefin where she is the daughter of the chieftain. The clan roams the deep wilderness and cold lands, but always returns to the Immergrun forest where their ancestral tree resides.

Over the last few years the tree has begun to wilt and grow sickly, despite the best efforts of the Calris clan. Even worse, the sickness has begun to spread to other trees. Rila has tried her best to use her druidic powers to heal the tree and search for the cause, but to no avail. She journeyed as far as Gi to find a more knowledgeable sage than her, but before the sage could act her father and the clan chased him off as they don’t trust outsiders.

Rila has realized that she needs to venture forth into the wider world and gain the knowledge for herself if her clan has any hope of saving the Immergrun and their ancestral tree. Upon the direction of the Sage(an alumnus of Thul Parv) she journeyed north with a letter of recommendation and a faint bit of hope.

Even should she be successful in healing the forest, she will then have to repair the bonds with her clan. They do not take kindly to those who leave, especially her father who forbade her from venturing forth.

Rila seeks to understand the true nature of the harsh land she calls home. And with this knowledge to undo the blight that has begun to overtake the Immergrun. She has an intuitive understanding of the land she grew up on, but she will need to work hard at her studies. She is anxious to begin her study underneath the professor who taght the Sage she met.

She is willing to take part in the games because she’s realized that along with knowledge, fixing the immergrun will require resources and capital that she doesn’t posses. Whatever the prize is, she’ll use it in whatever way is needed to aid her clan and their ancestral lands.

Rila Calris

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