Getting Started

Characters will be created using D&D 5e rules. Generally anything in the main books (PHB, DMG, MM, including errata from Wizards of the Coast) is allowed and anything in supplementary books can be allowed on a case-by-case basis as I do not own any of them so I am less familiar. Make sure to look over my house rules first to see how I like to Dm, but I am open to modifying rules and mechanics if it makes the game more fun. Generally any material on my own blog is allowed, but check with me first. I will use a combination of google hangouts, google drive, and this wiki for the campaign.

As for character creation itself, once we have enough players we'll collectively have a quick chat about what types of characters each player will be making to avoid any inadvertent stepping of toes (and if everyone wants to play a barbarian, it'll make for an interesting campaign). Then, everyone sets ability scores using one of the following, then adding racial bonuses:

  1. Standard array (15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8)
  2. Roll 4d6 drop the lowest six times on the group google hangout (using /roll 4d6d1##)
  3. Point buy with 27 points (quick tool here)

The 1st level characters are created otherwise normally, with their own backgrounds and gear. Each player should keep in mind which school their character will attend. This might include why they chose that school, a rival or friend, and a favorite class. More details will be added during play, per my house rules, so it is not required to set everything in stone at the beginning. A background should at a minimum give some thought to where the character is from, how they got into the school, and why they would choose to compete in the Show of Five Colors. Once everyone has created characters, we will hash out how the various characters know one-another and why they decided to team up to compete. From there, we will be ready to start play and see what unfolds.

-Which school is your character is attending?

-Why that university or how did they got accepted in?

-What is an advantage about that school that benefits your character, such as a some class, professor, amenity, or club? You can create a second advantage if you also generate a disadvantage such as a class rival, bitter administrator, or something else.

-What happened to make this group of adventurers coming together to form a team?

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Getting Started

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