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You can find the main wiki pages below. Some links here or further within may not be complete, but I will be adding information as I go.

I. The World

A. Continents

1. Aewyr

2. Aiztlan

3. Frystoraefin

4. Itolin Verasul

5. Steinreich

6. Zhelaza

B. Major Lore

1. Wild Elves

2. Cryptborn

3. Magic and Technology

II. Showing Your Colors

A. Character Creation

B. The Big Five

1. Courvana

2. Steinreich School of Mining

3. Bingham Warfrost Academy

4. Thul Parv a Tovon Golodh

5. Blackrun Academy of the Arts

C. Show of Five Colors

1. The Red Daring Trials

2. A Green Meditation on Wisdom

3. Mystery in Blue Genius

4. On a White Quest for Prestige

5. Black Clash of Power

D. Major Players

1. Nations

2. NPCs

3. Organizations

4. Cities

E. Minor Players

1. Places

2. Minor NPCs

3. Groups

4. Events

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