Minor NPCs


-Hector Ruiza, a rival of Leon's, is a paladin and is attending here. He thinks his social position so high that he doesn't recognize Leon's rivalry and instead thinks of Leon as his lower class friend that he occasionally helps out.

-Trayvis Morske is the upperclassmen at Courvana responsible for Ariel's ill-fated deal with a devil. The half-elf gave Ariel a name and the ritual to contact them, without forewarning her that it was a devil she would be talking to when she made her deal for power in a bid to discern who her angelic parent was. Ariel holds some sway over him, if she can find whatever place he is squatting in, because she could get him in trouble with both her devilish patron or report him to the authorities.

-Rumor has it that one of the new students attending this year is a the heir apparent for the Kilgore family, current rulers of Corona.

-Lisandra Orris, the wizardess of Style who used to be friendly with Ariel Lancaster until Ariel dropped out of the social scene following her devil pact. Lisandra does not know about the pact Ariel made, but feels a little guilty for so quickly cutting Ariel out of her social circle at the behest of Surran.

-Surran of the Holy Light is a sworn paladin of Pelor and holds a high rank in both the church and nobility as the second son of Queen Aemot of Alara. He was once friends with Ariel, hoping to use her divine lineage and team up with her for greater glory, so he took it badly when she dropped away from the group after her pact. He only acknowledged her once to tell Ariel that she was a coward for fleeing their righteous path, and now he ignores her, unaware of the devil's pact she has taken or the warlock's path she walks. He fights for Style in the [[Show of Five Colors]].


-A high-ranking Fey Vizier has taken up residence in Alara as part of ongoing negotiations in expanding the city and kingdom. He is actively seeking novel people and activities to broaden horizons.

Steinreich School of Mining

-This year, an adjunct professor and lifelong adventurer of note, Blayke Coup de Cheval, is teaching a class. The tall half-orc monk knows what he's talking about.

-Einn Casterly is a wealthy and renowned dungeon designer that teaches here as his life's passion. He is often looking for students to test his latest puzzles and riddles.


- The clanheads are always looking for an edge and are willing to invest in up and coming teams to get work done for them outside of the slow council workings of the clanmoot.

-Gnomish tinker companies have been making inroads of late, but they'll take any help they can get to defend against mercantilist and luddite saboteurs.

Bingham Warfrost Academy

-Seeth Charilzaan-Ojeai is minor nobility, a cadet branch of the Ojeai, with little chance of inheriting any real land or title, but that hasn't stopped them from being a perpetual overachiever. Seeth met Altreyo at one many socialite parties and they became friends out of necessity to survive the boring functions, but kept in touch despite their seeming opposite outlooks on life. 

-Zebreth "Zap" Hyan is a tenured professor at Bingham who teaches a wide variety of tactics and strategy courses. One of his up and coming students is Tormenoth and he is happy to go out of his way to help the fighter.

-Padme Hoskins, small gnomish woman, is the advisor to the Blood Fist. Her office is adjacent to Zap's.


-There is an urban legend that the Vagrant Augur shouted warnings are truly prophetic, but the street urchin is hard to find and often disappears as just as quickly as she appears after giving cryptic advice.

Thul Parv a Tovon Golodh

-Kar-Il-Ton Duskthorn, drow bartender at the Scroll & Shot, is a purveyor of secrets for coin or coin for secrets. It is often the topic of heated, drunken debate whether he was a founding member of the Merchants, the Jesters, the Black Tally Society, or somehow all three.

-Grundle Thirtyclaw is a dour druid with a focus on weather magic who teaches the occasional class at Page and Wisdom. He avoids most of his teaching responsibilities by assigning difficult and time-consuming work to his students, grinding down their numbers with ruthless criticism and tough coursework. He is the mentor and friend of a shaman that Rila Calris had been working with to try and save her tribe's grove. Grundle is downright friendly with Rila relative to how he brushes off most people, as he considers her a real practitioner willing to get dirt under her nails and break a few seasons.

-Ophelia Fleche is a classmate of Rila's and member of the Huntresses. They are friendly acquaintances who met during the opening weeks of classes and while they do not socialize regularly, they have made a habit of one-upping each other on passing secrets, helpful advice, and useful tidbits. 

-Klithmnora is the ragged soul of a green dragon bound to her own skull after a failed dracolich ritual. She has promised the Dissonant Whisperers two additional pieces of treasure from her hoard after they bring her to Styx to try to fix her soul binding.

Itolin Verasul

-With the move of Parv a Golodh from the continent proper to just off the coast, other anti-authoritarian elves have set up seasteads outside the territorial waters of both the Elven nation and the campus. Their trade with students and occasional raids of rare herbs, animals, or magical creatures is a constant frustration for the school administration.

Blackrun Academy of the Arts

-Parson Middulmin, or so the story goes, was a former assassin elite who gave up his vast wealth to teach to the slums. Sensing opportunity, Blackrun recruited him not by offering him money or prestige he had refused from others, but by publicly proclaiming that they had classrooms, kitchens, and dormitories open for those who could break into them. As a teacher of the arts of persuasion, deception, disguise, and espionage, he and his students regularly take advantage of these facilities.


-Adam Smith is the current dominant oligarch of the city and both his legitimate and illegitimate businesses are struggling to find enough skilled hands for the economic upswing they are enjoying. 

-Recent raids and operations have seen the Smuggler's Guild losing many of their lower ranking members but at the same time their prices are high and the survivors are raking in the coin. Getting in can bring lucrative jobs and a well-connected resellers of stolen or illegal goods.


-Zyminalixasix or Zym is a devil found by the group in the Grime Dungeon. He has sworn to perform five reasonable favors in good faith to the best of his abilities. Knowing his true name is enough for the group to contact him with a simple ritual over the course of five to ten minutes, regardless of what plane he is on.

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