Show of Five Colors


The Show of Five Colors is the yearly tournament that pits self-selected student teams against one-another in five grand competitions. Most commonly, these teams are insular within each university, as students of like-mind tend to flock to the same place, but it is not uncommon to have teams across schools. People throughout the five campuses and their host cities will have their favorite teams, with endless gossip, betting, and secret-dealings being the norm. It is the source of a great deal of excitement and fun to watch the magically broadcast events of the competitions.

The five grand competitions are not the same each year, but they each follow a theme, and the results from the competitions add to the total score for each team, based on the judgment from the university that hosts it. Outside of the big five, alumni, professors, and wealthy benefactors are allowed to place requests on a board open to all entrants that will earn the competitors minor points upon completion. These range from charitable aid rendered to nearby areas for PR to cut-throat for-profit missions. While only one team can win the grand --and secretive-- prize offered collectively by The Big Five, it is well known that the world is watching these competitions, looking to hire rising stars that show promise. It isn’t uncommon for the top half of the surviving teams to have employment contracts and quests showing up at their doors. A few teams each year will drop out for lucrative positions even before all five games are complete.

The challenges always take place in the following order:

1. The Red Daring Trials

2. A Green Meditation on Wisdom

3. Mystery in Blue Genius

4. On a White Quest for Prestige

5. Black Clash of Power


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Show of Five Colors

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